Do you know your symptoms? Have you been around anyone in your organization in the last two weeks that has demonstrated symptoms? Are you experiencing shortness of breath…after meetings – or do you see anyone avoiding meetings altogether? Do you have an inability to speak or respond – when you see someone specific in the office, on Zoom or in your inbox? Do you find yourself having fatigue and body aches, following a day at work that involves dealing with “you know who?” These workplace symptoms are contagious, and if you know what to look for, you will be better prepared. If you see something, say something!

Check All That Apply

The reality is that every organization is subject to experiencing these symptoms. Common causes are lack of leadership, inconsistent communication, misalignment, absence of concrete goals, or a need for professional development. Which of these symptoms do you recognize?

⃞  Constant frustration

⃞  Co-workers misinterpret what you/others say

⃞  Mixed messages

⃞  Unclear company vision

⃞  Priorities are different depending on who you’re talking to

⃞  Meeting & email overload

⃞  Lack of structure

⃞  “It’s easier to do it myself” mentality

⃞  Defensive behavior

⃞  Teams not aligned or communicating successfully

⃞  No accountability

⃞  Lack of documented processes

These and other issues can infect your organization and cause derailment of goals, culture, human capital and ultimately, profitability. So what should you do?

Help Is On The Way

Mind Your Biz offers a tailored approach that helps bring common issues to the forefront.

Coaching – Develop a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and improve how you operate in the workplace. We ask hard questions that focus on self-awareness, individual responsibility and prioritization. As a result, you gain a better understanding of how to best interact with coworkers and teams.

Team Development – Improve team engagement and efficiency to maximize talent and fast-track initiatives. We tailor training programs to help participants achieve individual, team and organizational goals.

Communications – Streamline your internal and external messaging. Mind Your Biz audits your existing communications and facilitates narrative development to align employees with the company’s voice.

Consulting – Identify clear goals for professional or organizational development. Mind Your Biz can plug-in to deliver business planning, restructuring, strategic planning, leadership development, team interactions and career development.

Mind Your Biz Is The Cure

If 2020’s taught us anything, there’s nothing worse than being contagious. Whatever your workplace symptoms, Mind Your Biz is an effective prescription. Let us help you maximize your human capital, reach your goals and become more profitable!