“Our partnership with Mind Your Biz is helping our executives gain an objective perspective of our shared goals and priorities. The DiSC Assessment exercise brought a level of self-awareness to our executives that’s beneficial in our ongoing effort to improve collaboration and I look forward to engaging the rest of our managers and employees in this process to create a culture of ownership, accountability and mutual success.”

Chief Executive Officer – Contracting Industry


“Throughout the coaching process, it was critical for me to get feedback as to when I was the road block. This allowed me to get over certain things that have been holding me back professionally. These interactions helped me learn more about how to navigate the personality traits of our executive team and to better communicate with them, and the entire operations team.”

Chief Operating Officer – Contracting Industry

“Mind your Biz saved my biz! Stefaney understands all about the multiple hats a woman must wear, and what a balancing act motherhood and entrepreneurship is. She helped me set manageable goals, both short and long term, and helped me identify the strategies and the motivation needed to reach them. Stefaney shared proven work and life habits that create success. I couldn’t do this without her!”

Small Business Owner


“In her previous position, Katie Rials was instrumental in developing and fostering a culture of coaching and professional improvement at every level of the organization. Katie implemented and championed professional development initiatives for our leaders, managers and front-line employees to help participants set goals, align priorities and develop operational action plans that achieved success.”

Greta Cairns
Former Director of Atlanta Operations, SCI Companies & PlatformOne

“Based on my partnership with Stefaney Caro over the last seven years, her approach to employees and leaders at all levels of the organization is not only focused on present priorities, but also for future impacts. The benefits of Mind Your Biz coaching include reducing people issues and increasing employee retention. I highly recommend Mind Your Biz coaching for any business or organization.”

Renay Winston
President, People Management Solutions, LLC

“After working with Mind Your Biz, management is now able to give critical feedback, complete write-ups and improvement plans for employees, further resulting in improved communication and employee performance. From my perspective as the owner, there’s a level of trust that did not exist before the coaching interactions. Both myself and my managers are able to operate more comfortably, knowing that our efforts are synchronized. Improving communication and approaches to one another has resulted in the team feeling we can all depend on each other more, operating with confidence and trust.”

Business Owner


“My coach helped me develop a plan to create more concrete objectives, manage my time better and bring together the entire team to align our efforts effectively to attack organizational goals. Overall, we know how to work with each other much better, which in turn has increased efficiency when tackling the day-to-day aspects of running a business.”

Field Manager